Mount Cambitas

The Story of Real Money

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Mount Cambitas is an imaginary mountain - a conceptual construct built with historical fact, imagination, and philosophical insight that critiques humankind's struggle to solve the problem of material survival in the face of technological advancement and social adaption.

Mount Cambitas arose with the eruption of certain truths about human nature that have been affected by the aforesaid changes, but have remained fundamentally altered by their introduction. Mount Cambitas is the story of real money, the life-blood of free markets and republican government, and its arch-enemies — namely, statutory counterfeit, fiat currency, and the false promises of a socialist state.

In the end, this book is a journey up Mount Cambitas whose peak you will know that you have reached when the money that you hold in your fingers is some form of specie (either gold or silver, but not both) or its one-to-one replication (either paper or electrons) such that only the specie or its replication is in circulation at the same time.

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